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Happy Client Testimonials

Mark really does a great job with his videos. Very straightforward and loaded with helpful information… Thanks!!!

Mark’s eCommerce trainings always provide helpful information and ideas useful for all types of businesses!


I knew from experience that finding someone to help me to create a quality website wouldn’t be easy. Just maintaining a web presence with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing could be a full time job.

Mark Mathis is that guy.

Mark is great! Timely responses as well as in depth knowledge on this topic of online web business.

I had been looking for so many answers to an e-commerce business that I was looking into and Mark was the right person. He is smart, insightful and knows this business inside and out.


Recently I was introduced to Mark Mathis and his companies from a friend in the home inspection business. He told me how he increased his production by 40% the following month he used him.

Who couldn’t use a 40% increase in these times, he said?

After my initial conversation & presentation from Mark I knew he was the man to help my company with growth. His ideas and materials are state of the art and looking forward to working with him for years to come.

I would recommend him to any company who wants to see their numbers increase. He is about professionalism and production and that is a key to growth for any company.

Mark is very knowledgeable in his field and I will definitely use his services.

Mark has done a fantastic job in “chunking down” for me the process of building out an eCommerce store into actionable steps and keeping me focussed along the way.

I’d urge anybody wanting to make a success out of their venture to follow Mark’s formula.

Mark has transformed my business by effectively marketing my company’s services to a more broad and diverse audience.

Their prompt and professional staff could be an asset to anyone who is fortunate enough to partner with them…

Fills in the missing knowledge pieces. Often more practical oriented than other how to sessions. Keep it up, Mark!

Mark is an inspiration, great content from this guy every time.

Very informative, eye opening and very motivating

I have learned a lot from the free e-Commerce videos. I am starting out with a web site that cost $24 a year so I don’t get much from a search engine advertisement but Mr. Mathis showed me in the video how to get around that. I plan on getting more attention later but I wanted to get some clientele first. I have a few customers and growing.

Excellent information and very good instructions! Thank You!

I have found Mark to be very knowledgeable. He produces high quality and informative content.


Mark Mathis has been great for our business.

Very courteous, knowledgeable, and prompt to respond to any questions we have.

We have been using Mark to aid in improving our business in the Home Inspection Field for over 4 months and we have seen a marketable increase in our number of home inspections.

Their knowledge of the internet and ways to improve our business was money well spent.

I have been online marketing for several years studying various courses and books. I came across Mark’s book and purchased it.

The book is a good guide to everything that you need to get out there and market yourself and your company online in today’s fast paced internet world.

Great advice, love the free stuff, experienced eCommerce guys like yourself sharing info is great. Many thanks!


Many of our clients seek valuable information from a simple Google search. As an industry leader in the Baton Rouge area, we cannot rest on our laurels when it comes to modern marketing.

Before we partnered with Mark and Local Marketing Labs, we were lost in the clutter of similar websites that may or may not had anything to do with our industry.

Thanks to Mark and the team at Local Marketing Labs for helping increase our internet presence.

Mark has done a fantastic job in chunking down for me the process of building out an eCommerce store into actionable steps and keeping me focused along the way. I’d urge anybody wanting to make a success out of their venture to follow Mark’s formula.

The information is very useful for people who are starting a new business and need clear, step by step guidance on almost every aspect of getting an eCommerce store up and running in a short amount of time.


Working with Mark and his team was fantastic. Everything was done as promised, in a timely manner, and turned out better than expected.

Thanks again Mark!


Alarm Center Security recently teamed up with Mark and his team to promote our business. We are very happy with the results.

Mark is extremely knowledgeable in the world of Internet marketing. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to increase customer traffic from the web.

Mark Mathis has been super helpful in answering my biggest concerns. His training videos are top-notch! I wouldn’t want to start an eCommerce store without learning from Mark.

Mark is well informed and highly experienced. He is great at breaking down his knowledge into easy to logical steps that are understood and follow. He’ll help you avoid a lot of wasted time because he has already helped invent this wheel!

Wow, what can I say… I am COMPLETELY blown away! There is a wealth of knowledge in this course. So much in fact, that I find myself replaying the videos and uncovering another gem of information.

What a great job!


About six months ago, I was spending several hundred dollars per month, on average, on pay-per-click advertising. I was also having to take time to manage my Google and Microsoft/Yahoo pay-per-click accounts.

After working with Mark for a very short time, he was able to bring my search results presence to the first page, and best of all, my website was on the front page when using the most significant search term.

Local Marketing Labs has helped me to develop a sustainable marketing program that brings in new leads and prospects on auto-pilot.

I have another company that I continued to use pay-per-click. I asked Mark to do the same treatment to this other website (different search terms).

Business jumped up, and I am currently suspending my pay-per-click campaign for that business, as well, because I have more business than I can handle.

I would highly recommend Mark and his companies to ANY business owner who is looking for a “better way” to increase profits and to generate new customers on monthly basis.

I currently have two eCommerce stores. One is a work in progress, but your funding your life with eCommerce video has inspired me to build more sites to fund my life and my future dreams.

Mark has put together a fantastic step-by-step course based on his own phenomenal success having set up multiple dozens of successful eCommerce sites on his own.

He’s got it down to a science and I’m excited about this business model! I fully endorse this course…

Mark seems to genuinely care for his customers. I would have no doubts about getting his training.


Mark and his team have been integral in getting me positioned at the top of many local search engine rankings, and has been responsible for generating clients to my business, along with customer leads.

If you are interested in increasing your online presence, give Mark a call. It’s guaranteed…


Mark took a look at our “homemade” web page several months ago. He described to us the opportunities for improvement and enhancement that would compliment our business.

Mark designed a new website with features that allowed our private practice an opportunity to reach new families who may be in need of our pediatric speech therapy services as well as enhance the quality of communication with our current families.

Mark’s knowledge, attention to details, and creativity have allowed our staff to focus on our own strengths – providing quality speech-language therapy to children. He provided excellent online tutorials to walk us through the steps of managing certain aspects of our website on our own. We were truly impressed with his innovative ideas.

Within three months of Mark’s services, we have already begun to see an increase in inquiries about our services through the website and find that our clinic name is on the first page of Google now when people search online.

Mark currently provides ongoing support that we are confident will continue to connect our clinic with the families of children for whom we can help reach their full potential.

Mark has been generous with his knowledge and time. He has also provided valuable feedback on my new online store. Needless to say he is quite a expert on eCommerce.

I’ve learned a tremendous amount from Mark. His tutorial videos are awesome to help you understand the program and he offers personal assistance when you need it most!!! Thanks Mark and for for helping us manage our company!!!


Our rankings on Google and other search engines, are number 1 or in the top 3, for every single category that we are in, we are now consistently growing our company’s exposure on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google +, and most importantly, we are receiving significantly more calls from people finding our company on the Internet.

Mark has taught me quite a bit from his website and I look forward to learning more.


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the work you have put into our ‘on-line’ marketing program. More importantly, the results of your work are showing up in our business ‘everyday’!


Today, people are so bombarded with information that advertising can be tough and seem ineffective. More and more people are going to the internet, but if you are not the head of an IT department, you most likely have no clue how to use this tool effectively.

Foxy’s Fitness Centers began working with Mark and his company a little more than a month ago, and he makes marketing on the internet easy to understand. Their video tutorials are innovative and effective in helping the average person understand how internet marketing works.

Best of all, in just a few weeks Foxy’s has seen measurable results such as being ranked much more highly on the search engines, and by being able to connect with our prospects in a much more “real” way, through the use of their videos.

Mark also actively seeks new ideas relevant to your business’s needs, not just with internet searches, but also with your website, customer retention, customer service, and data collection processes.

So if you want to begin marketing on the internet, but have no clue how to get started or what even works, call Mark at Local Marketing Labs. He will make it simple to understand, and he will develop a plan to help you based on what your business needs.

I have found Mark to provide in depth, informative, and easy to understand information, that is comprehensive and practical. There is such a wealth of information available, but this the material I have either read or watched from Mark has been directly useful and to the point. He is also approachable and responsive which makes for a winning combination.

Mark has been quite helpful in answering advanced eCommerce related questions.


The content added to our blog has been very creative and we have seen a significant increase in our internet leads.

If you need more presence on the web, don’t hesitate to give Mark your business.

He is very easy to work with, and I recommend him highly.

As a 68 year old making my 1st entry into eCommerce, I had concerns that it would be a difficult project.

Thanks to Mark, it went smoothly. No geek talk, complicated instructions or anything like that. Mark built the site and I supplied product and pricing information. Now I have a great looking site and a new way to build my business.


In this day and age, dealing with so-called internet marketing experts and gurus is or can be a gamble because I have hired many and usually I end up losing money or disappointed. That’s the risk you take in business.

However, I was either lucky or blessed when I found Mark. He has helped our company grow, exponentially, when he recommended to me and implemented a comprehensive and automated followup system that closed more new business than ever before. Our sales rose 45%!

Because of that work, I commissioned him to re-do our website to include more passive income opportunities for our company and streamline our business efficiencies such as a training portal for our clients and a membership area. The results have been tremendous and our business is operating on autopilot. Michael Gerber’s E Myth System at its best!

Mark is very easy to work with. He is accessible, returns his calls and e mails, unlike some of these young tech gurus who do not possess the proper business etiquette.

I would highly recommend Mark for your marketing and business growth strategy needs.

Quality information, with Marks expertise I look forward to developing my skills to succeed in my new venture.


Dear Mark,

I wanted to send you a note thanking you for your recent work done to raise our web search number. It was amazing how we went from the bottom 1000’s to in the top 10 with your help.

The proposal you sent for an ongoing marketing plan is very through and comprehensive. We are currently discussing the potential and expect to make a decision shortly.

I think the ideas you have will set our company apart from our competition. The marketing plan looks great and the price I think is fair.

Thank your for your help and I look forward to a lasting business relationship. I would gladly recommend your services to a business colleague or friend.

I liked the way Mark delivered in clear terms that I as a newer marketer could follow.

Mark has inspired me with the courage to venture into the world of eCommerce.

I have learned a lot from Mark through another sophisticated eCommerce marketer. He is very reputable and I have learned a lot from him.

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