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Looking to Use Tumblr For Marketing? Find Out How Here!

When it comes to social marketing the first places that people generally think of are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Tumblr is another social media avenue that you should consider going down. We found this great article on how to use it for marketing. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

Do you know why Yahoo valued Tumblr at such a high price point? It’s because Tumblr attracts tons of eyeballs.

With over 300 million unique visitors a month going to Tumblr, you have no choice but to leverage the platform. Not only is its traffic growing at a rate of 74% a year, but over 65% of its users have a college degree and have discretionary income.

So, how do you leverage Tumblr for your business? To help answer that, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down exactly what you need to do.

How to Use Tumblr For Marketing

Read the entire article here:

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