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Looking to Use Etsy and Pinterest Together? Learn How Here!

Some social media and selling sites can work very well together. Two such sites are Etsy and Pinterest. In order to help you use them together as effectively as possible we found this article with six different pointers that we hope will make your business more successful!

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From the article:

Marketing items on Pinterest may be the simplest way for Esty sellers to promote their unique crafts and vintage items.

Note that “easy,” in the context of marketing any online business, is a relative term. Getting folks to discover your brand on Pinterest; like, repin, or click on your posts; and ultimately make a purchase from your Etsy shop will still require a significant amount of work. But compared to trying to become a search engine optimization expert or investing in pay-per-click advertising, Pinterest can be much less expensive and, potentially, more productive.

What follows are six pointers for using Pinterest to promote items for sale on Etsy.

Open a Pinterest Business Account
Etsy sellers are often artists, collectors, and craft makers. So it may be the case that they think of themselves more as individuals than as businesses. Nonetheless, on Pinterest, Esty sellers need to open business accounts. As Huff points out in his book, there are many advantages to having a Pinterest business account, such as promoting your business name, and it is a requirement in Pinterest’s terms and conditions.

“I don’t know anybody who has had their Pinterest account closed down [because of] hawking their new product line” on a personal Pinterest account, explained Huff, but “as Pinterest grows…they will get more and more stringent with their guidelines.”

Setting up a business account is fairly easy, at

Participate in the Community
Pinterest, like many social media networks, is a community. When a seller markets in that community, it is important not to simply promote products and beg for attention, but rather to genuinely contribute.

With this in mind, don’t just pin your own items. Start many Pinboards and post items that are consistent with your brand. If you sell baby clothing, posting pins about mothering, child care, education, and nursery furniture would be consist with your Etsy store’s products and industry. If you sell hand-tied flies for fishing, posting images of rivers and fish or pictures of fly rods might be a good strategy.

Follow others and repin what they post too, affirming those Pinterest users who have interests similar to your store’s identity, industry, or interests.

Finally, don’t forget that Etsy has a Pinterest button on every product page, right between a button for Twitter and one for Facebook.

Read all the pointers here:

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