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Looking for More Pinterest Followers? Find Out How to Get Them Here!

Social media is a great outlet for getting your product or service out there. If you’re new to social media it can be difficult to know how to find followers. In order to help you gather more Pinterest followers we found this article with six different ways for you to try. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

Do you want more Pinterest followers?
Have you optimized your profile, website and images for maximum exposure?

A strong Pinterest community tells others you’re a trusted source of inspiration.

In this article you’ll discover six simple ways to quickly increase your number of Pinterest followers.

Verify Your Pinterest Profile
A verified Pinterest account is an important step in building your following. It’s fairly easy to do and instills trust because it confirms your account is the real deal, not a knockoff. In turn, that makes your Pinterest profile more attractive to existing and new followers.

When you’ve verified your Pinterest account, people see a checkmark next to your brand’s URL in the Pinterest profile. This checkmark especially stands out on mobile and in profile searches.

In addition to building trust, verifying your account gives you access to Pinterest’s analytics dashboard so you can see how your pins are doing. When you know what’s working and what’s not, you can make changes as needed.

The more you give people what they’re looking for, the more followers you’ll get.

Make Your Website Pinterest-Friendly
If you want more followers and pins, it’s important to optimize your company’s website and/or blog. The easier you make it for visitors to follow you and repin your content, the more often they will!

It doesn’t get much easier than one-click follow or repin options, and that’s exactly what the Follow Us and Pin It widgets do. When your visitors find something they like, it’s super-easy for them to follow you to get more of the same kind of content.

If you want to optimize your website or blog to get even more followers, show off your style. You can use widgets to promote your profile, a specific board or your pins right inside your site.

Show people what you pin so they want to follow you.
Highlighting your best pins makes people want to know more. When you cater to your audience’s interests and highlight related pins, how can people resist? You’ll be seeing new Pinterest followers in no time.

Read about all the ways here:

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