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Not Making Video Marketing a Priority? Learn Why You Should Here!

Making videos for you company we have discussed should already be a priority for you in promoting your company. Just as important as making the videos should be marketing them. In order to help you better understand this point we found this article for you. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

SEO should be an essential part of any brands marketing agenda if they want to reach their target audience, but by contrast, video SEO, and video marketing are too often seen as a sideline venture. Search Engine Optimization strategies will include goals such as aiming to secure X% of the search space, however, the internet’s 2nd biggest search engine – YouTube – is often overlooked, or given too little marketing resources.
With 18-34 Year olds watching 53% more online video than ever, and video consumption sky-rocketing across all devices, investing in video content, marketing, and advertising should be at the very top of every brand’s digital marketing strategy. In this post I will explain how video marketing can help in all aspects of online promotion.

YouTube: Every Brand Needs a Presence
Let’s start with YouTube. It is the largest video search engine in the world, and we watch 6 Billion hours of video on the site every month. Its search algorithm, unsurprisingly, is pretty similar to Google’s web search algorithm – just with a higher churn rate. Winning in this space isn’t just about the metadata, although this is an integral part. Unlike Google search results, on YouTube you can have your own custom thumbnail next to your link to help users identify with your brand, and your brands content.

Next we should look at the YouTube signed-in homepage, like the Facebook news feed or Twitter feed, this displays the most relevant content based on that user’s subscriptions or likes along with trending content on the platform. Remember those custom thumbnails we have in search results? Well now they become even more relevant. Not only will YouTube give us our own row of thumbnails if that user is a subscriber to our channel, but if our content trends we get to go to the top of the page.

Finally we look at where most users spend most of their time, the watch pages of YouTube. Most traffic to YouTube videos, aside from paid advertising, will come from here, and from recommendations down the right hand side of the watch page. YouTube will automatically give the channel that hosts the video the user is watching the top 4 slots. With good SEO you can potentially win a lot more of this real estate and remain visible on the page the whole time the user is watching the content they’ve chosen.

Why Video Marketing Needs to Be a Priority for Every Single Brand
Custom thumbnails appear here too, which essentially means free display impressions through clever use of images. Believe it or not this post isn’t just about custom thumbnails but I hope it’s gone some way to convincing you to think about them more when planning video strategies and SEO activity.

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