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Looking for Ways to Share Your YouTube Videos? Find Out How Here!

Creating videos is hard enough work. Not letting that hard work go to waste is very important. In order to help you out we found this article on how to promote your videos using social media. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

What are the best ways to distribute your YouTube videos across social media to places like Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress, Reddit, or even SlideShare? We answer these questions and more this week on ReelSEO TubeTalk: YouTube Video Marketing Tips, with hosts:

YouTube videos can of course be shared on most big social media networks. In fact after, most viewing of YouTube video viewing actually takes place on Facebook. But it’s important to emphasize just how many places you can make use of YouTube, and here’s a few tips on how to do it better.
Tip #1: Best Ways to Share YouTube Videos on Social Media via YouTube’s Share button, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr.

YouTube’s “Share” feature:
Tim Schmoyer says that the “Share” link under each video is easy to share on any social network. Click on your social media network of choice and it pops up. Then hit “Publish.”

Share YouTube Videos on Facebook
Tim likes to create a screenshot image of his videos or the thumbnail and upload that to Facebook, then he puts a link to the video in the description. People will click like for the images and are more likely to click on the videos. Just posting a link on Facebook doesn’t get as much attention because it takes up less real estate, although it does allow you to play the video within Facebook.

Views of YouTube within the Facebook platform – you could call them “embedded views,” also don’t count as high on YouTube’s Watch Time rating system. So if you’re trying to rack up SEO, it’s better to send people directly to YouTube. Liking a picture ranks the post higher in Facebook’s EdgeRank so it gets more exposure among your Facebook followers. Watch this video on how to share YouTube videos on Facebook:

Share YouTube Videos on Google+
Keep keyword/SEO in mind. Give it a good description. Tim often sees Google+ posts rank higher in Google search results than the video itself. See this video on how to share YouTube videos on Google+:

Share YouTube Videos on Tumblr
Use good hashtags on Tumblr because people browse them as well. See this video on how to share YouTube videos on Tumblr:

Matt Ballek says that when deciding where and when to post your YouTube video on social media networks, don’t just post everywhere just because. Think about where you have an audience. If you don’t have an audience on a social media platform or if you’re not participating there, then don’t add that to your promotion schedule.

Ask yourself: Will this content add value to the audience where you’re posting it? Is it editorial in nature, or just an advertisement?

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