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Looking For Ways to Find Success on YouTube, Vimeo, & Instagram? Find Out How Here!

As a small business owner it’s important to spend your time wisely since you have many things begging for your attention every day. In order to help you out we found this article about setting up automated tasks for 6 different popular sites. We hope it’ll help free up some of your time and bring in new business to your company!

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From the article:

We are huge fans of any tool that will automate social media processes, particularly if it makes the task of cross-promotion that bit easier for the online video marketer, or the video creator. One of those tools is IFTTT, and this is the much requested follow-up to our previous article 7 Very Cool IFTTT Recipes, Tasks & Tricks for YouTube. In this post, we take a look at some of the automated tasks you can create for Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram Video, Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit.

Share An Instagram Video With Twitter Followers
Since adding the feature to the site, Instagram video has taken off in a huge way. Not only with fans, but with brands and marketers who are using micro-video as ad teasers or for one-off, creative content. If you have discovered a great video, or have uploaded one to the site and want to give it some exposure on Twitter, then follow this recipe to make the whole process as simple as possible.

Save Your Instagram Videos to Dropbox
In my humble opinion, Dropbox should be a core component of every creator and marketer’s toolbox for its sheer convenience, and affordability. Anybody that has ever lost work because they failed to back up will know what a panic-inducing moment that was, so get into the habit of saving automatically. This recipe takes seconds to set-up and will ensure all your Instagram video content is saved to the folder of your choice in the Dropbox cloud.

Post Videos to Tumblr From YouTube Favorites Playlist
Have you added a new branded video to your YouTube Favorites Playlist and want your target audience to know about it? Perhaps you want to promote a collaboration you have been part of, or just want the world to know how much you love the new GoPro upload. If you set up IFTTT to post a video to your Tumblr account as soon as you add it to your Playlist you can do just that.

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