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Looking to Make Your First Sale? Learn How With These 50 Ways!

So you’ve picked your product and built your site. Now what? Next, you have to find a way to reach your customers int order to make you first sale, and many more after that. In order to help you with this we’ve found this article with 50 different ways to help you divided up into different categories. We hope it helps you become very successful!

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From the article:

What’s in this guide?
Have you ever walked into a restaurant or any small business and noticed money proudly mounted on the wall like a trophy or work of fine art? Those paper bills stuck to the wall are what the owner received for the store’s first transaction on opening day.

The first sale is a monument marking the transition from a dream into reality.
For many businesses their first sale is a monument marking the transition from a dream into reality. Unfortunately, new ecommerce merchants sometimes open to something like the sound of crickets chirping.

We put together this free comprehensive guide that outlines 50 different strategies to help you make your first online sale. You don’t have to start reading this guide at the beginning. We organized the sales tactics into categories, so it’s easy to jump into any chapter, roll up your sleeves and begin implementing all this very actionable advice. Happy selling!

Read about all the ways here:

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