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Facebook Versus YouTube. Which is Better? Find Out Here!

If you’re just starting out your advertising budget is probably fairly small and you want to make smart decisions with your money. In order to help you out with your advertising we wanted to show you this article about Facebook and YouTube. We hope it helps you make good decisions for your company!

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From the article:

The world of video advertising rose a collective eyebrow this month when comScore founder Gian Fulgoni told that Facebook outpaced YouTube in desktop video views this August by about a billion streams.

A key factor behind that stat is Facebook’s autoplay video feature, where any posted/shared video begins to play automatically — with no sound — as it scrolls into view. The result is a huge reach advantage, as these number show.

Other numbers show the same tactic today results in low engagement. For example, total minutes spend on Facebook is less than half that of YouTube. At Beachfront, we’ve been buying in-feed video ads for the past few months, and have seen a video completion rate of around 25 percent, which is far lower than the 80 percent completion rate most advertisers are looking for.

So the question all this raises is one of distribution over monetization. From a distribution perspective, this is a major coup for Facebook. Autoplay, even when ignored, offers at least a few seconds of video before a user scrolls past, and that’s far better then the static screenshot we typically see from YouTube embedded videos.

To Fulgoni’s point, video creators who make the most of those first few seconds really count may see their engagement increase as they gain more eyeballs. We’re already seeing the impact of this strategy on other networks. Tumblr just recently implemented an autoplay video ad initiative, just weeks after Facebook’s autoplay video announcement. The company’s goal is to raise $100 million in revenue next year.

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