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Looking for Ways to Improve Customer’s Online Shopping Experience On Your Site? Find Out How Here!

Customers care how they are treated everywhere. Including in the online world. In order to help you improve the online shopping experience on your site for your customers we found this article with five different ways you can improve your site. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

It’s time to talk about customer experience on the web.

If a woman is shopping for a new pair of heels and the store clerk offers her men’s loafers, she’d be frustrated and probably less inclined to shop at that store again. Online however, she brushes off the analogous experience as just another piece of irrelevant advertising. Why is our tolerance level for these poor experiences so low in person, but so high online?

The best brick-and-mortar experiences are hyper-personalized. When you walk into a store, you rarely make it a few steps before someone asks if they can assist you. These managers, clerks and servers who we interact with one-on-one are an important part of the shopping experience. Just think about why you choose the same coffee shop every morning. Maybe the lattes are good and the price is right, but you also value the great face-to-face interaction with a friendly staffer — whether it’s the person you chat with at the register or the barista who knows your order by heart.

Online, we don’t always get that same personalized help we need. Imagine if a site could actually guide you toward a shirt that fits your style or help you find that pair of shoes your wardrobe has been lacking. Here’s how to recreate the personalized, brick-and-mortar shopping experience on your website.

Genuine greetings
When you walk into a store, whether it’s sandwich shop like Subway or a clothing store like Kohls, you expect a cashier to welcome you. If you’re a regular, they probably know your name. Focus on welcoming people to your site the same way you would in person. To do this, you can incorporate a personalized greeting window or a banner with the shopper’s name using dynamic web personalization (DWP) tools. Any marketer can incorporate these tools into their site to proactively greet visitors right away and guide them through their web experience.

Smart recommendations
In-person cues provide a huge opportunity in the brick-and-mortar world. If a store clerk at Macy’s sees a customer browsing shirts, the clerk can alert him or her to the 15% discount on all button downs, or the rack of matching sweaters to drive a sale. Websites have the capability to replicate this strategy with recommendation engines. If a customer is browsing one type of item in particular, a recommendation engine can automatically alert him or her to a relevant promotion or similar product. We’re seeing recommendations engines everywhere from Amazon to Netflix, and the results speak for themselves: Netflix estimates that recommendations drive 75% of views on its site. Netflix estimates that recommendations drive 75% of views on its site. Implement a recommendation tool to tailor content for each visitor based on their preferences, likes and dislikes.

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