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Have a Checkout Page on Your Site? Learn the Critical Elements to Include Here!

Checkout pages are a crucial part on almost every site. In order to have a successful checkout page we found this article with 11 different critical elements to include in order to have an effective checkout page. We hope it helps!

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From the article:

If your checkout page is a mess, you could be turning buyers off without you even knowing it. Fortunately, we’ve got the goods for you. Take a look at your ecommerce checkout page and compare what you see against our “checkout checklist.”

Progress Bar
No one wants to go through 400 steps to buy that funny mustache-shaped doormat, but they’re more likely to hang in there for the whole process if you at least let them know how they’re doing. Otherwise, they might get to step 399 and give up, not knowing their victory is just around the corner.

Thumbnails of Purchases
We guarantee more than one person has made an accidental purchase because they didn’t see what they were buying once they reached the checkout page. Remind them what they put in their carts, or they may hit the back button to remind themselves. If they hit that back button, they may never complete the purchase.

Edit Items
Again, the back button is not your friend. That’s why you should allow for cart editing even while on the checkout page. If a buyer needs to back up to make a change, they could get distracted or maybe even just frustrated. Forward motion — that’s the name of the game when buyers reach the checkout page.

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